Undervalued & Underpaid? 7 Essential Steps To Asking For A Raise

Posted by Adam Hoffarber on 4/11/19 1:34 PM


How long has it been since you last had a raise at work? We know from experience that companies are slow to increase remuneration levels, even with the increased signs of life in the employment market. If you feel undervalued, underpaid and long overdue a raise, don’t rush in all guns blazing. Take a deep breath and consider our advice below:

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No Fail Responses to Questions About Your Salary Requirements

Posted by Adam Hoffarber on 2/4/19 8:50 AM


The salary question is a stressful one. But it doesn’t have to derail your job interview. With some thoughtful research, honest soul searching, and careful scripting, you can answer the question with poise every time. Follow these steps.

“What are your salary requirements?”  

That question – or any of its many variations – initiates one of the trickiest, most consequential decisions you’ll have to make when communicating with a potential employer.  

How should you respond?  

With forethought, a well prepared answer, and a clear, confident tone, sure.

But what should you say?  

That depends… on a number of factors. 

If you write “salary negotiable” on the application, it might keep you in the running and buy you some time to figure out a more specific response. But employers are looking for candidates who understand the market, know themselves, and are confident placing a dollar figure on their professional worth.  If you just keep dodging the question by saying it’s all negotiable, you look timid and unprepared for the actual negotiation.  

At the same time, your answer need to vary from employer to employer. Here’s how to determine – and adjust – your response for each opportunity:

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The 8 Worst Mistakes in Salary Negotiations

Posted by Tim Snell on 3/24/16 2:39 PM


The longer you’ve been job hunting, the sweeter it is when you hear the words, “we want to extend an offer…”  Yes!  You’re in the final lap of the race.  But it’s not over yet.  So don’t lose your focus now.  It could end up costing you, big time.

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