Making The Most Of Your Recruiter – Advice For Hiring Managers

Posted by Adam Hoffarber on 3/18/22 12:31 PM
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Advice For Working With A Headhunter

You may be asking yourself: Is it worth it to pay a headhunter? 

Working with a recruiter to fill your company’s key roles and source the best available talent is a benefit that many employers recognize in today’s competitive employment market. How can hiring managers ensure they fully benefit from working with a search company?

First of all, an employer needs to be confident they are working with a reputable, specialist recruiter who understands their marketplace. We have a guide with tips on how to identify a great recruiter.

Secondly, at SkyWater we ask that our clients are fully committed to the hiring process.

Once these two fundamental elements are in place, we suggest the following to make the most of working with your recruiter:

Understand the major performance objectives of your vacancy.

These typically comprise around half a dozen criteria essential to every role in order to achieve success. Be specific on what is required; rather than the years of experience in a position, focus on the actual objectives of the job. Attention to detail at this stage will reap rewards when it comes to candidate assessment and screening.

Consider future potential rather than current experience.

Opening your search up to candidates who have overachieved in their present job despite their lack of experience or particular skillset will often result in some outstanding applicants. If in doubt, consult your recruiter on the quality of the available talent pool. If you haven't yet, check out our tips on how to re-write your job description and the right applicants.

What does success look like in this role?

What are the key traits of your performers and how do they correspond to your current vacancy? Evaluate their technical and soft skills to enable the recruiter to fine-tune the candidate profile and the search process. If this isn't something you've thought about, perhaps consider these 7 easy ways to measure employee performance.

Interview all of the shortlist.

A recruiter who specializes in your niche will take you through a process to understand your corporate objectives and where the vacancy fits within your organization. They will advise on whether your expectations are realistic and where they may need readjusting. Each of the candidates on your recruiter’s shortlist will be pre-qualified and generally the ‘best available’ rather than the ubiquitous, most visible candidates you will find on most job sites. A specialist recruiter will also ensure that every candidate on the shortlist meets the key criteria of the performance-based job description.

Be available.

Not only that but be fully engaged with the candidates presented. Generally speaking, you will meet with a higher proportion of passive candidates when working through a specialist search company. Joining your organization will not be a given for these talented performers. Be prepared to invest fully in the interview process and minimize the time between interviews to maintain momentum – and candidate interest.

Take responsibility.

Your recruiter can provide high-caliber candidates and advise you on their strengths and weaknesses, but the ultimate responsibility for selection lies with the employer.

In summary, working with a specialist search company offers several advantages to pressured HR departments. A reputable agency will save you time during the hiring process, help you to clearly define the parameters of the job, and ultimately raise the level of talent within your company.

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