Why A Specialist Recruiter Will Improve Your Hiring Process

Posted by Tim Snell on 8/29/19 1:27 PM
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Working with a recruiter can frequently prove beneficial to under pressure HR departments and employers as an integral part of their ongoing talent management strategy. Here, we outline the benefits a specialist, reputable recruiter can bring to the hiring process.

Begin with the end in mind

Before commencing a search, a recruiter will need to know how an employer will measure performance in a specific position. What will the job look like six months or a year down the line? What will the successful candidate have achieved? A specialist recruiter will know that in order to recruit the caliber of candidate sought by the employer, the answer to this question is essential prior to commencing the search.

Access to qualified and interested candidates

Recruiters have access to a wide range of candidates, not simply the active candidates whose resumes are found on the majority of job-search websites. Secondly, recruiters also have access to the candidates who work covertly to protect their current role. Finally, they know how to source passive candidates - those doing a great job who are not necessarily looking but will explore an opportunity. An experienced recruiter understands how to present your vacancy to these candidates and recruit the elusive talent you need in your business. Most employers will rarely find these candidates without the services of an experienced recruiter.

Maintain candidate interest

In today’s competitive employment market, a common complaint we hear from new clients is over the high levels of candidate drop-outs during their hiring process. A recruiter understands how to maintain interest in a vacancy throughout the process and prevent candidate withdrawals. This is achieved through pre-qualifying their interest, providing prompt feedback and remaining in contact throughout the period between interviews and final candidate selection.

Higher levels of job acceptance

Before presenting a Short List, a good recruiter will have covered the prospect of the counter offer as well as gained a thorough understanding of what an employer needs to do to attract each candidate. A specialist recruiter can help to construct a good offer and present it to their candidate to ensure acceptance. This is achieved through continually re-qualifying candidate interest in the role and pre-closing the preferred candidate on a potential offer before it is made. The best recruiters will also have a back-up candidate.

Great retention rates

A good recruiter maintains close contact with an organization and the new hire throughout the on-boarding process to ensure that any unanticipated problems are swiftly identified and overcome. In this way, retention rates are often higher for new employees when working through a recruiter.

Once a relationship with a respectable recruiter is established, many employers find that they return to that recruiter to fill key roles on a regular basis. Not only will the recruiter already possess in-depth knowledge of an organization but they can present a candidate shortlist quickly and effectively. Once a relationship is an established, employers enjoy the added advantage of being notified when outstanding candidates appear in the marketplace, giving a company a unique advantage over its closest competitors.

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