Congratulations Kelsey Quarberg, J.D., SkyWater's Employee of the Quarter

Posted by Adam Hoffarber on 9/12/23 8:36 AM
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Employee of the Quarter


At SkyWater Search Partners, we believe that vibrant communities are built through strong community partnerships. One way we live by that value is through our Employee of the Quarter Award. Each quarter, we honor a top-performing team member with the gift of a substantial financial donation, in their name, to a nonprofit organization of their choosing. This quarter, we are delighted to say,



Kelsey chose to give her award to a Twin Cities pet rescue organization that she has supported for years. “I first learned about them when a law school professor of mine mentioned a local animal rescue group that a friend of hers had started.” The name of this once-tiny operation reflected its mission to provide loving homes for the elderly and other overlooked or cast-aside pets: Underdog Rescue.

Kelsey never forgot the Underdog story. A few years later, when she and her husband were ready to get their first dog, they went straight to Underdog’s website, where they were ultimately introduced to Lil (now Lily), the schnauzer puppy who instantly became part of their family.  

Since it was established in 2000, Underdog has built partnerships with veterinary clinics, community organizations, and a vast network of Underdog fosters throughout the Twin Cities. Today, thanks to these partnerships and the financial support of people like Kelsey – and organizations like SkyWater – Underdog is a vibrant Pet Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Placement Organization that has placed more than 12,000 companion animals in loving homes.

Kelsey, who joined SkyWater Search Partners in early 2022 after six years as a bankruptcy attorney, says the Employee of the Quarter award is just one of many things she loves about being at SkyWater. “When I worked on the personal bankruptcy side, I loved it because I was always interacting with people to solve their problems,” she says. But after a great-on-paper move to the corporate side, those aspects of her work disappeared. “I’m an extrovert. I love talking to people, meeting new people.” In the new role, Kelsey says, “So much of the time, it was just me, alone, sitting at my laptop.”

Then, after a friend inspired Kelsey to explore other career paths, she reached out to SkyWater Search Partners. “I wasn’t thinking about becoming a recruiter at all,” she says. “I was just about not being a bankruptcy attorney anymore.” But pretty quickly, it became clear that recruiting was a natural fit for her.

"Everyone comes to work smiling. It's phenomenal."

Now Kelsey is back to loving her career. “But it’s not just the work that’s such a great fit for me,” she says. “It’s the people here. I’ve never worked anywhere where everybody comes to work smiling. It is phenomenal.”

We feel the same way, Kelsey! On behalf of everyone at SkyWater Search Partners, thank you for being part of this team and thank you for educating us about Underdog Rescue. We’re proud to join you in supporting them!


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