Is it Love? Or Just Another Interview?

Posted by Sujatha Ramanathan on 2/14/23 1:07 PM
Sujatha Ramanathan
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Has your hiring life taken on a certain Lonely Hearts Club vibe over the past few years?

Do you keep finding yourself getting serious, ready to commit to that special someone, only to discover that you’re not the only hiring manager they’ve been seeing?

What do those other managers have that you don’t? Is this about money? Social status? Or the promise of a more meaningful life? (Or were they always just stringing you along?)

Whatever it is, this kind of rejection takes a toll. How many times can you keep putting yourself out there, only to get your heart broken?

We get it. It’s rough out there. Executive recruiters see this all the time. And we can help.

Like cupids of the employment world, our sole purpose is to bring the right people together by helping them see all there is to love about each other. 

But unlike the mythological cherub, a great executive recruiter uses technology, psychology, and an extraordinary set of search and communication skills to make the magic happen.

If you’re tired of waiting by the phone for a yes that never comes, reach out. We would love to play matchmaker for you. SkyWater Search Partners is the largest, most successful executive search firm in the Twin Cities because employers and candidates love us.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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