This Veterans Day, Tap Into This Hidden Talent Pool: Hire a Veteran!

Posted by Paul Beard on 11/11/21 9:39 AM
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Today, as we honor the service and sacrifice of our veterans, all of us at SkyWater Search Partners would like to put a spotlight on one particularly powerful way you can recognize the skills and strengths of those who have served in our military: Hire a veteran.

There are several reputable recruiting sites that specialize in helping veterans move into non-military careers.  Look at the list below. You can post your open positions on many of them.  But don’t just fling your job postings over and shrug your shoulders if no veterans apply. A successful long-term veteran recruiting and retention plan requires some understanding of the veteran talent pool. Familiarize yourself. Read through the resources, especially Hiring our Heroes. Reach out. Get to know some of the common strengths and job-seeking challenges shared by today’s American vets. This candidate pool is an under-explored gold mine. Tap into it to learn how a successful tour of duty in America’s military really does prepare a veteran to serve your organization well.  Get help from a veteran-aware consultant to refine your interview questions in a way that helps you illuminate how past military experiences and training have created critical competencies.

Beyond parting with a recurring firm such as SkyWater, you can explore and post on veterans’ job sites:

  • Find the job bank sites for every state in which your organization operates. Take some time to familiarize yourself with the site and how it works. Read everything available pertaining to hiring veterans – and be sure to check the box that indicates Yes to veterans.  Here in Minnesota, you can go to a Minnesota Workforce Center site that specializes in connecting Minnesota’s returning veterans with employers.
  • Visit the employment section of the S. Department of Veterans Affairs and click on the Employers section to learn how you can become a more involved employer in promoting the hiring of veterans.
  • Hop onto Hiring our Heroes, the site sponsored by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, where you’ll find loads of information on how to find, hire and retain veteran candidates.  

Extend your search geographically

Now that so many professional-level positions can be performed remotely, you have the opportunity to actively seek veterans wherever they currently reside. But if you need your new hire to work onsite and do not have the budget to fund geographic re-location, you may be able to take advantage of special federal funding called a Change of Station allowance. It may well cover most of the expenses related to moving your newly hired veteran and their family to the geographic location of their new job. So cast your net more broadly to find that veteran who fits the job.  Moving expenses don’t have to hold you back. 

Broaden your veteran networking

Start by reaching out to any current employees who are veterans. Ask them who they know and how you can best recruit a bigger pool of vet applicants. Get help from a veteran-savvy copywriter and start placing more vet-friendly posts on your organization’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.  And consider a major re-tweaking of how you’re using LinkedIn.  Not only can you begin capturing the attention of more job-seeking veterans, but you can also adjust your candidate searches to seek and identify veterans with intention.  Beyond that, look up your local Veterans Service Organization (VSO) and begin a conversation about getting more engaged.

Develop a prominent presence at veteran-friendly job fairs

Yes, these exist.  Find out where they’re happening and how you can get involved by visiting the job fairs site at Hiring Our Heroes.

Recruit veterans with disabilities

It’s a sad fact that many organizations are still woefully uninformed – and unnecessarily skittish – when it comes to hiring veterans with disabilities.  If you’ve been one such employer, it’s never too late to get yourself educated and move past the old misconceptions.  When a wounded warrior rises above past injuries and steps forward to serve, recognize that fact as the towering strength that it is. Consider this person with an open mind.  You are unlikely to find a job candidate more capable of demonstrating perseverance, dedication, and resilience.  To learn more about how you can recruit and hire veterans with disabilities, use the Employment and Training Services center at and get started.

If you would like to know more about how SkyWater Search Partners can help you recruit and retain American military veterans, please reach out. We would love to work with you!

On behalf of everyone at SkyWater Search Partners, Happy Veterans Day!


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