The Best Valentine To Give Yourself this Year: Find A Job You Love, Truly

Posted by Sujatha Ramanathan on 2/14/22 9:00 AM
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Find A Job You Love

If you’ve been questioning whether your current job is really “the one” for you, you’re hardly alone. It’s been a long, often exhausting two years of upheaval. Many – I might even say most – Twin Cities professionals have experienced at least a few moments in doubt about their job and whether their work-life is in sync with their life’s priorities, values, and goals.  

You deserve to step back and re-evaluate things from time to time and right now is a perfect time to do just that. As you’re probably aware, the current economic climate is tilted very much in your favor. In today’s market, your talents are probably at peak demand right now. But before you take the leap away from your current position, be sure you have a good sense of direction. Where is your dream job? What is it that you really need in order to be happy with your choice of work? 

While you don’t need to have a single, narrowly defined job destination, you’ll fare better in your job search if you invest some time in assessing what you really need. 

Here are four questions to ask yourself early in the process:

What isn’t working for me here?

If your initial answer to that question is simply, “I don’t enjoy this anymore,” that’s valid. But it’s not going to help you move forward unless you’re willing to dig more deeply into what makes you feel that way. If you’re bored, is that because you’re beyond ready to take on more responsibility but stuck in a place without a clear path upward? Or is it because you no longer feel engaged with your employer’s mission or industry? Is the scope of the job fine but the work environment miserable? Or vice versa? Ultimately, you want this question to help you gain clarity on what you wish you could change about where you are – and whether you want to leave or make the effort to fix what’s broken where you are. 

What are my wants vs my must-haves?

What is your vision of an ideal job or career path? List the details. What are the industries and job roles that interest you? What skills, experiences, and competencies do you want to use in your work? What are your requirements regarding the financials, the culture, the physical work environment, and the commute?

Am I being realistic?

After you’ve scoped out your dream job, get a reality check. Talk to your friends, acquaintances, and professional connections. If you don’t know anyone in your prospective new role or industry, keep asking until someone does. Do your homework. Get introductions. Ask for informational interviews. When you let your network know what you’re considering, they’re better equipped to help you find it. More importantly, they can give you the accurate, insider perspectives and good advice you need. Most importantly, they’ll be there to support you when the going gets rough.

Should I bring in the matchmaker?

When it comes to matching talented leaders with extraordinary employers, the answer is: yes, you should. A common myth that circulates in a hot job market is job seekers needn’t bother working an executive recruiter because it will be raining great offers. Honestly, this is when you need to be in touch with a credible recruiter. As employer desperation to recruit and hire people grows, it can be easy to fall in love with dazzling promises of salary, signing bonus, and endless perks. But a recruiter, employed and compensated by the employer, is invested in finding the right candidates for the right jobs. If they don’t stick, the recruiter’s reputation suffers, making them deeply invested in the actual matchmaking process. A great recruiter is going to listen to your long-term needs, goals, and values and only endorse an employer and position to you if they believe you’d be a great match. 

If you’re asking yourself if something better is out there for you, reach out to us. At SkyWater Search Partners we work with the most successfully, vibrant, and highly respected employers in the Twin Cities. They’re looking for talent and we would love to hear from you!

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