Mother's Day: New Job Titles Added To Mom's Resume

Posted by Tony Fornetti on 5/12/23 12:53 PM
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Mothers Day 2023 - Working Mom Resume

Happy Mother's Day!

Being a parent stretches us all to find talents we never knew we had. These are valuable skills that are often overlooked or under-appreciated in the business world. We polled the SkyWater moms to see what job titles and skills need to be added to their credentials on this very special Mother's Day.

Here's what they had to share...

New job titles/skills the SkyWater Moms are adding to their resumes this year...

Kelsey Quarberg

Grammy Nominated Actress - Best Female Villain, for the role of "Spooky Mommy."

  • Specialty as a scary monster actress. Greatest performance was a 9 pm rendition of “Scary Mommy Zombie Witch Skeleton.” Kids call it “Spooky Mommy.”

Elyse Koch

Chief Butt Wiping Officer (CBWO)

  • References upon request.

Lead Vocalist & Dance Party Professional, Disney Soundtrack

Specialties include:

  • Encanto
  • Frozen
  • Moana

Nicole Haas

Fashion stylist and consultant

  • Executed detailed assessment of up to 50 online children's clothing retailers.
  • Serves as the team's main point of contact for any outfit or size-related questions.

Andrea Anderson

Grass Stain Removal Expert

  • Has perfected getting grass/dirt stains out of countless baseball pants.

Laura King

Lead Chef

  • Expert at cutting off the bread crusts!

Professional hide-and-go seeker

  • Can count to at least 20.

Kirsten Prins

  • Owie eraser
  • Top-rated hugger
Lead Chef
  • Scrambled Egg Specialty

Lindsay Dubbeldee

May actually grow more heads to accommodate all of these hats...
  • Activities Coordinator
  • Event Planner
  • Nurse
  • Book collector/librarian
  • Master Negotiator
  • Architect; professional fort builder

What belongs on your resume, Mom?

We want to hear from you. Tell us about your new credentials since becoming a parent by leaving a comment on our LinkedIn post here!


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