Congratulations, Brian Rudolph, Employee of the Quarter!

Posted by Adam Hoffarber on 10/3/22 2:36 PM
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Brian Rudolph Employee of the Quarter

At SkyWater Search Partners, we strive to strengthen our communities in many different ways and we are incredibly proud of the strong spirit of volunteerism we see among all of our team members. Each quarter, we honor a top-performing team member with the gift of a substantial financial donation, in that employee’s name, to a nonprofit organization that holds special meaning for them.

This quarter, we are thrilled to say,

Congratulations, Brian Rudolph, Senior Director, Consumer Products and Sales!

When Brian learned of his award, there was one important thing he wanted to do before naming the organization he wanted to support. He called his wife. “Before she was born, her dad had served two tours in Korea and after she was born, he served two tours in Viet Nam,” explains Brian. Then, from 2016 through 2020, their son served in the United States Marines.

Brian was pretty sure that he and his wife would be in total agreement and they were. His award donation will go to Eagle's Healing Nest, a non-profit organization in Northern Minnesota whose entire mission is to meet the needs of U.S. “veterans, service members, and their families who suffer the invisible wounds of war.”

Eagle’s Healing Nest provides housing, mental support, and access to counseling services and is 100% funded through private donations.

“The whole time my son was in the Marines, I was 49% proud and 51% scared to death,” says Brian. “But unless you know somebody who has served, you don’t think about it that way. I didn’t. Not until I had a son who served.” He says the entire experience has made him want to spread the word about the many ways each of us can better support our veterans.  Saying thank you to a veteran is important. But showing that gratitude is even better. He says that he now asks one thing of people when talking about the needs of veterans. It sounds simple, he says, but isn’t always easy. “Please show empathy toward those who serve and, especially to those who have returned to civilian life.” For Brian and his family, greater empathy leads to more meaningful support and he would love to see more support flowing to Eagle’s Healing Nest.

You can learn more about Eagle's Healing Nest and check out the up-to-date list of their most pressing needs here.

“I’d also like to say thank you to the partners of the firm for choosing me and for wanting to support this organization that means so much to my family,” Brian adds. “I’ve spent twenty-two years of my life working with this team and I love them to death. These are caring and beautiful folks and this gift means so much.”

Thank you, Brian, and congratulations!


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