4th Annual “Walk a Mile for a Smile"

Posted by Kurt Rakos on 4/17/17 3:20 PM
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We are kicking off our 4th Annual “Walk a Mile for a Smile”  in an effort to raise awareness and donate to  Smile Network International.

  • Starting TODAY, we are encouraging you to take a daily break away from your desk by heading outdoors for some fresh air and a 1 mile walk around the Carlson Towers walking path (inside path around island).  Our goal is for everyone to complete 25 walks before Memorial Day.   (30 total business days)
  • Our goal is to raise $1,500 to provide 3 life changing procedures for children
  • Smile Network is a Minnesota-based non-profit, humanitarian organization that provides life altering, reconstructive surgeries and related healthcare services to impoverished children and young adults in developing countries (cleft palate/lip)
  • The mission of Smile Network International is straightforward:  To reconstruct lives...one bright, smiling face at a time.
  • For each mile walked per person, SkyWater will donate $3 on your behalf. Only allowed to count 1 walk per day. Please mark the sign in the IT   area next to your name when you complete a walk.
  • Additionally, challenge yourself and walk with each person in our office at least 1 time before it’s over (We have 25 employees total). There will a prize for each person that can complete this task!

Check out Smile Network’s website here for more on what they do as an organization: http://www.smilenetwork.org/


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