Teige Ehlen

Teige Ehlen
As an Associate at SkyWater Search, Teige currently works with a “full desk” on the Accounting & Finance recruiting team. The SkyWater Accounting & Finance team focuses on growth-oriented, middle-market companies based in the Midwest. Teige primarily serves clients in the Chicago metro area.
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The CPA Shortage is Real

Posted by Teige Ehlen on 6/14/22 9:00 AM


What every CPA needs to know about today’s competitive market

“If you’re not happy where you are, start looking...”  Right?

That’s the old rule. But what if you still like your job? Let's imagine that the pay is fine, the benefits are good, the career path promising. If you’re in public accounting or a CPA with a public accounting background, there’s a new rule to consider following:  “No matter how happy you are in your current role, now is the best time to be looking at what’s out there.”  Here's why:

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