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Posted by Paul Beard on 3/1/19 11:38 AM
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Preparing for a great job interview is a job in itself. You’ve done your homework on the company, perfected your resume, answered every question will clarity and confidence. By the time it’s over, you may be tempted to breathe a sigh of relief and think that the ball is now in their court. Well, it’s not. Not quite. Your interviewers invested their time and energy to meet with you. You not only owe them a thank you; you have one more opportunity to remind them of your qualifications for the job.

Below we'll provide you with:

  • Tips for your interview follow up email
  • An interview follow up email template
  • Example subject lines for a follow up email

Tips For Your Follow Up Email

There are a surprising number of rules associated with thank you follow-up notes, the first one being that it’s no longer a letter.  It’s an email.  Get rid of the old mindset that a handwritten thank you is superior to email.  The opposite is true.  Using snail mail will undermine you, portraying you as out of touch with the way things work.  At SkyWater Search Partners, we advise all of our candidates to send a specific, individually customized email to every interviewer within 24 hours of each meeting.  And here’s a secret: those candidates who also take the time to email their recruiter a thank you are the candidates that stay top of mind for us as well.  That’s not just because we’re human and enjoy getting thanked.  It’s because we’re impressed by candidates who are so on their game that they understand the importance of a well crafted thank you.

Your follow-up thank you email is your golden opportunity to demonstrate that you heard and understood the priorities of the job.  In it, you should reinforce the best parts of the interview, provide brief additional information that highlights your relevant abilities, and correct for anything that you didn’t cover as well as you hoped.  And you need to get it all done in three -four short paragraphs.  Be sure you include these seven critical elements and you will set yourself apart from the pack:

  1. Appropriate timing (sent during business hours, within 24 hours of the interview);
  2. Professional salutation with correct spelling of the interviewer name;
  3. A sincere thank you to the interviewer for their time, perspective, and the information they shared.  If they did something or shared something particularly helpful, add that.
  4. Personalized (but professional) details.  You want to send a bright, attention-getting reminder of highlights of your interview.   
  5. Concise reiteration of what you heard about the highest priorities of the job and most important qualifications of the winning candidate.
  6. An assertive reminder of how your qualifications match those requirements.  
  7. A clear paraphrase of your understanding of next steps and timing.  If the interviewer made any comments about timing, this is where you restate those, adding that you’re looking forward to that step occurring.  If they did not, simply state that you’re looking forward to hearing back.  Few things are as irritating to a hiring manager as a desperate candidate who pesters them every few days.  If two weeks go by with no response, it is reasonable for you to send a short email, asking for updates.


Template For Interview Follow Up Email

Not sure where to start? We've got you covered. Check out this interview thank you email template.

Dear [correctly spelled name],

Thank you for sharing your time and perspectives with me yesterday regarding the [title] job at [organization].  Your passion for [company]’s mission and the way you described the team culture made me feel right at home.  It sounds like an amazing opportunity.  I believe I have much to offer [organization] as [title].  

You mentioned that you need your new [title] to be able to hit the ground running with a solid understanding of .  I also understand that you’re looking at an aggressive acquisition plan over the next 18 months.  My years with [prior relevant employers] have given me an understanding of the [specific] industry and [specific systems, processes or methodologies] that is both deep and broad.  Perhaps more importantly, my track record with onboarding newly acquired teams can make me an asset to [organization] as you proceed with your planned acquisitions.  In [previous position], I distinguished myself for my ability to collaborate with diverse work styles while keeping the team forward moving and focused on success.  I look forward to bringing my skills and my enthusiasm to your team.

I know you’re hoping to be back in touch within the next few weeks.  As you work your way through this process, please do not hesitate to let me know if you need anything additional from me.  I’m looking forward to moving forward!


[your full name]


Subject line for for interview follow up emails

Before you hit send, you might be asking your self "what should I title the subject line to my follow up email." Well, I'm glad you asked! Here are some suggestions on your follow up email subject-line.

If you're following up with someone who you have already emailed with, it could be best to keep the subject line the same. Simply replying to your email thread could have a number of benefits:

  1. The recipient will recognize it right away so it will get opened fast.
  2. It has no chance of being mistaken for spam by the reader or the company's email security net system.

Many times you will be meeting with people during your interview who you have not emailed with previously. Here are 6 subject lines to follow-up after a job interview:

  • Thanks for your time
  • Thanks for your time [day] (example: "today", "yesterday", "Wednesday", etc.]
  • Great meeting with you
  • Really enjoyed our conversation today
  • Follow-up: [job title, your name]
  • Ready to get to work

I hope that these tips for writing the perfect interview thank you follow-up email have been helpful. If you're reading this post, chances are you're ready to craft your own thank you email right now. Don't hesitate to check in with your recruiter as well, for additional follow up tips. 

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