On Father's Day: SkyWater Dads Share Their Kid's First Word

Posted by Lindsay Dubbeldee on 6/20/21 9:35 AM
Lindsay Dubbeldee
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SkyWater Fathers Day Kid Quotes

Happy Father's Day!

On this very special Father's Day, we would like to take the time to recognize the dads of SkyWater for their hard work, both in and out of the home.

SkyWater Dads brought their memories to the blog today by sharing with us a collection of their kid's first words, and funny kid quotes.

Dasha, Age 7:

While eating dessert after dinner:

"This ice cream sandwich didn't stand a chance!"


Fritz's First Word:



Nolan, Age 2:

To her older brother, who she adores:

"You are a great day in my neighborhood."


Jackson and Dawson's First Words:



Piper's First Word:



Jenna's First Word:

"Dog Dog"


Fatherhood During The Pandemic and Beyond

To say that this year threw parents more than a few curveballs would be an understatement. As we celebrate Fathers Day, we're reminded of a recent episode of MPR News titled "Fatherhood during the pandemic and beyond," where host Angela Davis speaks with fathers about what it was like to be a father during this year of racial reckoning, COVID-19 quarantine, and distance learning.



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