Our 2019 April Fools Day

Posted by Lindsay Dubbeldee on 4/2/19 2:13 PM
Lindsay Dubbeldee
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At SkyWater Search Partners, we never miss a chance to have a little fun. We had a whole day of tax prep planned for April 1st, but then the unthinkable happened! Aliens took over the SkyWater Twitter account totally throwing off our day.

Here's what we think happened:

 Judging by the posts that came from our Twitter feed, a starship of recruiters from another galaxy came to Earth and thought they hit the recruiting jackpot when they saw a Twitter feed titled @SkyWaterSearch. Thinking they had taken control of both the sky, and the water on planet earth, they began their recruiting efforts from an already well-optimized feed.

See the whole thing for yourself:

skywater 2019 april fools 1 skywater 2019 april fools 2 
skywater 2019 april fools 3-1   skywater 2019 april fools 4
 skywater 2019 april fools 5  skywater 2019 april fools 6


My Teacher Is An Alien BookSo how many of you recognized the characters in our little Twitter take-over? Are any of you 90s kids? Do any of you have kids of their own who are into reading some of their first chapter books? You may have recognized Broxholm, his distaste for the piccolo, and his newest recruit Peter Thompson, from book 1 of the "My Teacher Is An Alien" series by Bruce Coville.

We really hope you enjoyed following our alien take-over on April Fools Day this year. Work hard out there, Earthlings. But don't forget to make it fun too!


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